How much baby needs sleep

Small babies do not have a regular sleep schedule after their birth. Some have cramps so they cannot fall asleep until they have stopped, others go to bed very early and some very late. After a few months, babies make habits and so do their sleeping habits. It's your parents who make those habits.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts, you will achieve the desired result thanks to perseverance. It is normal for a small baby to wake up around 7am if he goes to sleep between 8pm and 9pm. If you pass on a sleeping schedule to your child in a set schedule, it will become a daily routine for him and will be able to differentiate night from day. Once this is established, you will no longer be fighting the battle over sleep.

By the age of three months, a baby creates a bedtime routine, and you are there to help him or her create it on a given schedule. It is best to put the baby to sleep at night by keeping it quiet and bright, so that it knows that it is night and that it is time to rest.

During the day, put him to sleep in normal, daylight hours. At night, light can disturb the baby's sleep. When he wakes up at night for food, do not turn on the light because it will wake him up. After the sixth month of life, the baby will stop waking at night and look for food.

The baby's sleep can also be disturbed by bright light, dirty diapers, hunger, too much sleep during the day… Before bed, lower the blinds so that the baby does not wake up in the morning with bright light. If it starts to stir during the night, do not take it by hand. So you will wake him up and then you will have to put him to sleep again. It is enough to anoint him because it will calm him down and he will fall into sleep.

If he starts crying, he is likely to be hungry or be disturbed by something. Do not deny him daily sleep as this will create the effect of irritability and sleepiness. There is no need to change the diaper overnight, unless you notice that your baby is wet with diapers. During the day, let your child last until 6 pm. Put it to sleep between 8pm and 9pm.

With such a sleep routine, you will create a peaceful sleep for him, which will make him a happy, smiling and sleepy child in the morning.

Author: M.S., Photo: Nataliya Hora / Shutterstock

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