How much sex is enough for a relationship

There are few who have not wondered at least once how much sex is enough in a relationship, and especially after a period of chemistry and butterflies in the belly when the relationship enters a routine, which can sometimes be good but also devastating to a common future.

There is no universal answer to the question of how much sex is enough for a relationship, but there are guidelines for couples to get along and serve as a guide for later.

No matter what the environment, every couple should look at themselves and talk as much as possible. Only through communication can I get to the root of the problem and understand when it came to reducing sexual intercourse. Since reading thoughts is not possible, only direct communication can solve potential problems.

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You can start by asking each other how often you need to have sex. It is most likely that one side will want more than the other, but the reason may not be because the other side is missing chemistry, but only because of the current pace of life.

Not all of us are always in good spirits, and sometimes we change our priorities because of certain life circumstances, so we put sex aside. Everything is fine and can be tolerated until it becomes a rule and partners are completely away. This is why conversation is important and crucial to the future of any relationship.

Everyone should think about what makes him happy. It is enough for some couples to have intimate relationships every other day, some twice a week, some only once and less often. It should be emphasized that quantity is not important here but quality, and sex should be the fulfillment of the wishes of one and the other partner.

Many studies have shown that after-sex good feelings last for more than a few days, which is why many agree that there is nothing wrong with having an intimate relationship once a week or a little more.

It's hard to give a general answer that will apply to all couples, and the next time you think about how much sex is enough for a relationship, think about what you and your partner really want and what makes you most happy.

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