How much sleep a baby needs

Do you like to sleep a lot and rarely sleep less than 7 or 8 hours? Have you ever thought about once being a parent and having a kid who doesn't want to sleep at night? This is one of the most common questions that bothers the mind of an adult who is not sure how much sleep a baby needs and how long it will take until he is asleep again.

It is clear that each baby is individually individually connected to his or her need for sleep, and it is difficult to conclude immediately that your baby will sleep and whether he or she will have more awake moments at night, or you will be one of the lucky ones whose baby spends all night without waking up. However, it is obvious that everyone was able to adapt and easily received a period when their child began to ask to go to bed and not be there before ten in the morning.

Whatever your wishes may be, in the end, it will be the baby who will impose the rhythm that you will have to adjust and that will adjust over time. That is why it is important to be prepared for the first period of one month after your maternity leave when you and your baby are used to each other.

In the first weeks of life, the baby sleeps approximately 18 hours with breaks every few hours when he needs to be fed and changed. The initial adjustment is followed by a period of up to 6 months when the baby begins to sleep longer, but also has longer periods of time when she is awake.

After 6 months, the phase follows when the baby sleeps for more than 10 hours at night, and accumulates between 1.5 and 2 hours per day. For a healthy, quality sleep at night, your baby needs more awake stages that you can take advantage of by playing with him and getting tired.

In the second year of life, children sleep for more than 12 hours, spending only one hour per day per day. The older the child is, the less they need to sleep, and since the age of three they have not slept for more than 12 hours.

It is up to you as parents to determine whether your child will still have one hour of rest per day, which is best seen by the child as they do not have all the same needs and until they sleep by day until they leave for kindergarten.

Author: S.S., Photo: SvetlanaFedoseyeva / Shutterstock

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