How much the body needs calories

There is probably no woman who doesn't care how many calories she can put into her body a day without getting fat and looking great. However, the recommended daily calorie intake in a woman's body varies because each organism needs a different number of calories, which makes it difficult to determine the correct intake and give a unique formula.

If you have ever wondered how many calories you need, here are some helpful information to help you.

However, there are some guidelines that can help each woman calculate the calorie intake she needs in her body that suits her. The calorie intake required depends on many different factors such as a person's gender, weight, physical activity, age, height, type of work being done and body build. All these factors must be taken into account when calculating the ideal caloric intake.

In order for a woman to maintain her ideal body weight, she should average 2000 calories per day in the body, but only on condition that she exercises moderate physical activity. Because, for example, if a woman is involved in sports and is very active in physical activity, eating 2000 calories a day would be pure starvation.

The need for calories in women can be calculated using one simple formula, which calculates two calorie components. The two calorie components include physical activity and basic metabolism.

The simple formula is calculated by multiplying the kilograms of the person who is calculated by 24 hours. The sum obtained by multiplying these two numbers is the calorie intake you need to bring into your body in one day, which is needed only for the body to perform basic functions such as breathing, heartbeat, etc.

Furthermore, what should be included in the total calorie intake is an activity factor. To find out the total amount of calories that you need to bring into the body, it is necessary to multiply the resulting sum of pounds by a number that varies according to the strength of the activity.

Low activity (1,2), light activity (1,375), moderate activity (1,5), stronger activity and sports (1,7) and strong activity like professional athletes (2).

If you have problems with excess weight, it is recommended that you either reduce your daily caloric intake or increase your physical activity to help speed up your metabolism.

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