How much to drink water every day

Six, eight or more glasses of water ... How much water should I drink each day? Experts often ask this question, and how not, when the important role of water is increasingly emphasized for the well-being of each individual and for a better quality of life. Until recently, the opinion was that nothing under eight glasses was out of the question, but now it has become questionable.

The recommended amount did not increase, but the question was whether a general measure could be put in place that would be valid for each individual. It's hard to pinpoint something that will hold true for every human being because we're not all the same. Some people are more active in life, so they spend most of the day testing their limits on physical endurance, while others are a little more passive. How then to determine the same measure for the mentioned groups?

Recently, various institutes have addressed the benefits of water and came to the conclusion that it is curative, but not to the extent that it was written before. It turned out that there was no proven link between skin beauty, weight loss and reduced headache. This does not mean that water does not affect all of the above, but probably not to the extent that it was speculated.

It is certainly important to drink plenty of water, but it is more important for athletes and those who have hard physical work. The recommended dose of between six and eight glasses does not make much sense here because one drinks as much water as the body requires.

It is by no means a good idea to avoid liquids and almost never drink water as this is going to the other extreme. What has always been important and alerted is listening to your own organism and responding to its needs.

It has long been believed that drinking lots of water helps the kidneys get rid of toxins. It turned out that they can do it without water, and with too much water, the only thing that happens is that you have to go to the toilet frequently, which will not eliminate the poisons.

It is important to measure and drink enough water every day, but how much you feel you need. If you notice that you have fewer headaches because you drink a lot of water, continue to do so without too much force. Try to enjoy what you do and don't let yourself unnecessarily and unknowingly impose another source of stress.

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How much water should you drink a day? (October 2020)