How often to bathe a baby

Parents face a range of uncertainties and fears of not doing something that could harm a newborn baby after the birth of a baby. Unlike fathers and mothers who already have experience, newly-fledged parents need support and mutual support at the outset to get through the first few months as easily as possible.

When to feed your baby? What makes her cry, is it because she is hungry? What a weird skin rash, maybe you should call a doctor? These are just some of the issues that plague young parents and why they come over the crib every now and then to check that the baby is breathing properly and in a good position.

This is all normal because a new period in life has to be learned to deal with. One of the situations that plagues many fathers and mothers is bathing the baby. When should she bathe and how often?

Questions are common and normal because baby's skin is still immature after birth and needs to be cautious, so it's important to adjust your bathing style. Upon arrival from the hospital, babies have a sore in the navel area and therefore pediatricians are advised to take a dry bath only.

Dry bathing is wiping with moist gauze all over the body but around the navel. This part should be skipped until the wound heals. You can then bathe your baby in a small tub. If you are not sure that you will be able to hold the baby without fear of something happening, cartridges that serve as a stand are recommended and allow you to bathe the baby without fear of safety.

Bathing a baby in a bathtub begins at about three weeks of age and by then it can already be noticed what the skin looks like. If it is dry, it is recommended to bathe the child at most three times a week at a temperature of 36 degrees.

Babies with normal skin are allowed daily washing, with shampoos not being used every day. If the baby's skin is more demanding, it would be a good idea to use paraben-free agents that will not remove the baby's protection.

Rituals such as washing your baby should be fun and if you are tired one day, not feeling well or just not in the mood, feel free to skip swimming. There will be nothing for your baby, and it should be borne in mind that during the cold, such rituals should be reduced.

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Bathing your Newborn (October 2020)