How often to bathe a dog

How often you will need to bathe your dog, depending on the type of dog's hair, the size of the dog, and the conditions in which the dog lives. So you will need to bathe a dog who lives outside and not in an apartment more often than a dog who lives in an apartment. Bathing the dog maintains the cleanliness of the dog and nurtures the dog's hair while protecting your home from unwanted hair.

Bathing a dog can also depend on your dog's activity, for example, if your dog is active and walks and jumps on mud and water every day, you will need to bathe him daily.

However, if you buy it daily you do not need to shampoo it every day, it is enough to just wash it with water, to remove dirt and to prevent damage to the hair from frequent use of shampoo and to avoid irritation. Instead of bathing, you can also remove dirt from your dog with a brush!

A long-haired dog will require more hygiene and bathing than a dog with short hair, as dirt is easier to trap in long hair and difficult to remove. While with a short-haired dog you can remove dirt by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Long-haired dogs are best bathed once a month, while short-haired dogs only need to swim twice a year. You should also make sure that the bathing intervals are long enough so as not to lose the natural fat of the dog's skin, which protects the dog from cold and moisture.

Before bathing, it is best to brush your dog well and then bathe him. When bathing, shampoo the dog twice, and then rinse it thoroughly and thoroughly to prevent itchy skin. After bathing, wipe the dog and brush it again.

Never wash your dog with a shampoo that is not intended for dog care. Dogs have different skin pH levels than humans do, so avoid washing with your shampoos. Bathe the dog in lukewarm water and make sure that the soap does not get in his eyes.

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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog? (October 2020)