How often to shower

With the development and progress of the world, we all have the luxury of bathrooms in our homes and apartments and the ability to maintain hygiene. However, it was with the development of these capabilities that people began to exaggerate maintaining hygiene, showering themselves several times a day. Do we really need that much shower and what does it bring us?

Recent research and testing has found that people who take a shower one or more times a day do damage to their body and their skin. Excessive showering causes our skin to dry out, disrupt balance and irritate. Instead, take a shower every other day to help maintain the level of natural oils and the moisture balance of your skin.

If you are an active person who does hard physical work daily or exercise for at least an hour a day, then a daily shower is justified. Especially in men who have more sweating and odor.

Instead of taking a blind shower each morning or evening, listen to your body and skin and take a shower depending on the activities of the day. What you need to do every day is wash your hands and feet and face. Also, an alternative to daily showering is to wash key body parts like hands, armpits, legs and intimate body parts. So you save your skin a direct shower, and again you are clear to a great extent.

The other extreme is a lack of showering which can also lead to skin problems and various irritations. Showering every two days or three times a week is necessary to cleanse the body of impurities, odors, bacteria and wash away dead skin cells.

In maintaining hygiene, balance is paramount. You need to be careful about which preparations you use and how your skin reacts to them.

If you have dry skin and need to shower, use cream and oil based shower preparations every day. Also, after showering, apply protection especially on critical parts such as elbows and knees.

If you have oily skin showering every day should not be a problem, but you also need a gentler shower gel, because by daily showering you are disrupting your natural balance, your skin can dry out and be damaged.

Water temperature is another aspect to keep in mind. Extremely hot water damages the skin and dries it as if you have taken a shower ten times in a row. Keep the water warm but pleasantly warm.

Author: J.S., Photo: focal point / Shutterstock

How Often Do You Really Need to Shower? (October 2020)