How to Become a Top Lover

Sex is an adventure to enjoy every second of, exploring and trying out new placements. For some women this is not a problem at all while others are restrained by shyness.

Research has shown that a large number of women never reach a high level of safety in bed because they do not feel confident when it comes to their body. It is time for change, with four tricks for each sexier to learn how to indulge completely.

1. Why are you constantly staring at my chest?

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The first indication of lack of confidence is visible through this or similar sentences that go through your head when downloading in front of a partner. It’s about your body and it’s time to embrace it. After all, if some things really bother you, there are ways to change them. By that we mean healthy eating and exercising, not going under the knife!

And while a woman often thinks that a partner sees only her flaws, he thinks about it at all. Experts call this phenomenon 'observation'. You are so preoccupied with thinking about what your partner sees, that you are unable to indulge in passion in bed. In the end, he still doesn't see your hanged breasts with the late stretch marks but a woman who is completely uninterested.

Stop criticizing yourself

The internal conversations we have with ourselves are so negative that we rarely dare to repeat them at all. Instead of thinking about cellulite, stretch marks and under-tightened focus, focus on the parts of your body you love: eyes, legs or hair. If you find yourself in negative thinking during sex, command yourself to stop, get a sexy look, swing your hair and enjoy!

Send silent messages

Don't you think of any good things on the body that you can single out? Convince yourself that this is not true. Repeat in yourself positive words about your appearance. This way, you build self-awareness that is very important to repairing your self-esteem.

Change your beliefs

Real men love feminine curves. And while you will sweetly praise your partner, when you reciprocate, it is very likely that you will not believe him. If the partner likes to make love to you, accept the fact that self-criticism in this case does not hold water.

2. But I'm really not good in bed!

In order to become a tigress in bed, many partners need to be changed, but there is another way. Make love with your partner often. It is a very simple and above all a pleasant solution that will delight your partner. Explore and learn!
Prescribe a sexy therapy that will consist of touching and pampering. Find out what works best for you and work on it. That way you will connect physically as well as mentally. You will find out your partner's deepest secrets and pleasures and they won't even think of replacing you!

Trust your partner. Do not doubt the feedback you receive from him. If he says it's good, it's good!

3. I shout Yes! That! D… oh, and in fact I mean No! Not!

Learn what you like and dislike about sex. Many women fake orgasm and pleasure in bed, which is the wrong message for a partner who thinks everything is working well. And why not be convinced when you yell Yes !, Yes!

Be honest

This situation undermines your security because you are not honest with yourself or your partner. Find out what you love, show it to your partner and each encounter will become a fireworks display of love.

Study what is happening to you and your body as you become complacent, what touches you like and what imaginations inflame your libido.

Show him

During sex, tell your partner what you like and what you don't, but slowly and tactfully. If you can't find the words, show it to him. When he understands what you have been looking for, respond positively.

Turn quest into a game. Rate each touch with a score of one to five and have fun!

4. If you like it, I like it too

Most men fantasize about making love in unusual places, but you want it in you only in the bedroom? In order to enjoy sex passionately, you need to know what works for you and what doesn't.

Don't suffer

In situations where you "suffer" because of it, you become irritable because it gives you the feeling that your partner will not love you if you do not satisfy his wishes. By tweaking your partner, you create the wrong image of yourself while suppressing your true feelings.

It's okay to say no. What matters is how you say it.

If you find it difficult to speak honestly about what excites you and what doesn't, use a mediator. It's challenging to chat about an erotic movie or TV program that you watch together. What is exciting? What makes your skin comfortable? This way you can learn more about each other without acting like an inquisitor.

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