How to cure calluses

Do you know how to cure calluses? They usually occur due to uncomfortable shoes or new shoes, but also from sports or garden work. No blisters must not pierce, because the tissue underneath can infect. Blister presents thickening of the pink layer of the epidermis in place where friction occurred.

Most often appear on his hands after working with a particular subject for a long time. A bladder is formed that occurs after a burn or friction causes damage to the skin surface. A pillow-like fluid begins to collect, which seeks to protect the lower layers of the skin from further damage.

Although these wounds usually go away with no consequences, there are a few things you can do to recover as soon as possible. For starters, do not touch the bubble, because if it is pierced it can allow bacteria to penetrate.

The place where finds a bubble keep it clean to prevent infection. In order to recover as soon as possible you can to put ice to reduce swelling. If you are doing the dishes or doing something that could pierce the bubble, put on a patch.

The veil should be left alone, and it is best to put a bandage on it and when it breaks, clean it regularly until it heals.

Natural treatment of calluses

Have you ever wondered how to cure calluses? Treatment is possible by bathing in emolinetic solutions and placing keratolytic topics. Exist plants that can help you fight the calluses:

  • Cantarion Oil - Valued for being rich in flavonoids, hypericin and tannins that help epithelialize and act anti-inflammatory on the skin. This oil is applied to all wounds and can be obtained from herbalists or herbal pharmacies.
  • Jaundice - used as a medicine for thousands of years and used by the Egyptians to prevent plague-like illnesses. It is an herb that has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Juice or tincture can be used, and in order to have a potent effect it is sufficient to use small quantities.
  • Aloe vera - one of the best natural remedies for annoying calluses. Helps with cuts, burns and faster wound healing. It is necessary to take a smaller piece of aloe and squeeze the juice, which will be applied in a painful place. If you want you can make aloe vera gel yourself by chopping a few pieces in a blender. Once you have made your homemade gel, store it in the refrigerator.
  • Green Tea - Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, tea will help in healing faster. It is necessary to brew 2 bags of tea and add 2.5 g of baking soda. Let it cool and then apply it to a sore spot, either with gauze or directly to a critical location.
  • Chamomile tea - as well as green tea helps to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms that occur after wearing uncomfortable or new shoes. Instead of green tea, you will mix chamomile with baking soda and apply it with gauze or directly on a blister.
  • Guardian - Fresh juice from a known herb contains antibacterial properties which makes it great for treating painful calluses. You can make the natural remedy yourself by shredding 2 sheets of preservative, putting in gauze and then squeezing. Mix the resulting mixture with almond oil and place in a sore spot and leave for a few minutes. Then put on the patch and repeat for three days in a row.
  • Melem - is an excellent natural remedy that will soothe the skin and aid in healing.
  • Garlic - a healthy food that protects against various diseases. It is necessary to gently rub the garlic garlic three times a day in a painful place until the skin begins to recover.
  • Onion - Has an antibacterial effect. All one has to do in a critical place is to gently rub a piece of onion and bandage it and leave it to act overnight.

Do you know how to prevent calluses? They can be prevented by being worn clean socks, appropriate and comfortable footwear. High-heeled shoes or tight shoes should be avoided as it increases the risk of blisters.

Most often they appear on moist skin, so people who sweat more often should change their socks more often. Athletic socks can be a great help as they keep their feet dry.

If a person goes for a long walk, they should wear tried and comfortable clothing, and if working in the garden with a hoe or shovel, they should protect their hands with gloves.

If you are not sure what the real reason for the onset of blisters is, it may be because of circulatory problems or diabetes.If the fluid from the bladder has been leaking for more than five days, it is time to see your doctor, as in the case of redness or increased pain.

Author: A.Z., Photo: Valery121283 / Shutterstock