How to deal with jealousy

If you are jealous and you cannot stand the fact that your partner is paying attention to other people, or you cannot accept the fact that your partner had a life before you, it is important that you learn how to deal with jealousy.

Learn to control your jealousy because your partner will not have too much compassion and understanding. Jealousy sometimes fits in a relationship, but if it crosses the boundaries of normalcy and creates serious conflict, it's time for change.

Never attack him for ex-girlfriends, as you will trigger an avalanche of negative emotions that will cause you serious conflict and disrupt your relationships. Jealousy is often a symptom of insecurity and by publicly displaying insecurity you create an image of yourself as an insecure person.

Aside from distorting your self image, you create conflicts in relationships that will make you feel worse. Become more confident and conquer all the black thoughts that attack you. Never compare yourself or your partner with anyone else. That's the worst possible move you can make.

Your partner has a reason why he is no longer with his ex and why he is with you. If she loved her ex, he would be with her now, so don't bust your head and be burdened with negative thoughts, because you are the heart of your partner. Don't look for a problem where it's gone.

Relationship jealousy only exacerbates the situation and puts your relationship to the test because your partner will not tolerate your jealousy for long. He may be funny and comfortable at first, but as time goes on, he will become increasingly burdensome and try to get out of harmless situations.

With your unnecessary jealousy, you can end your relationship and if you don't want it, it's time for a change. Work on yourself! If you have no evidence of potential jealousy, try to get rid of it. Never make a sacrifice on your own and give the impression of insecurity.

Be bold, full of confidence and better than his ex. Do not lower yourself to a low level and do not disturb your self image. Let your man admire you, and when you show a small dose of jealousy, make it nice for your partner and not at all tiring.

Don't go to extremes or cry for every attack of jealousy, and the worst you can do are the jealousy scenes. It's all about you, your attitude.

Author: M.S., Photo: Tracy Whiteside / Shutterstock

How to Cope With Jealousy (October 2020)