How to get rid of cigarette smell

The smell that comes from the cigarettes themselves can make your living space look like you are in a cafe. Numerous studies have shown that non-smokers have problems with stagnant air. The problem lies in the fact that such non-smoking air can lead to coughing, and some can even feel a headache. Here are some tips to get rid of unpleasant odor.

Wash everything that can be washed

In the case of smoking in your living room, wash the curtains and try soaking the sofas with a vacuum cleaner on water that will not only clean your furniture but also make it refreshing.


Make sure you have vinegar in the kitchen if you have it in a bowl and let it sit overnight. Proven to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.

Lemon or orange

Take the indicated fruit and peel it. Arrange the bark that you have collected in a specific space, and these will help to reduce odors.

Baking soda

Any places you think are dirty, or wherever a cigarette is used, put some baking soda. After you have sprinkled it in certain places, let it stand for a few hours and then vacuum it.


If you didn't know, coffee is ideal for dealing with the smell of cigarettes, but be sure to spread it just about anywhere because it can leave stains. Try wrapping it in coffee filters and keep it closed. Arrange the packets where they smoked.


A little coal will not hurt, and leaving it in certain places will surprise you a lot.


In addition to providing light, the bulbs also attract smoke, so clean them well before and after.

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