How to help injured people in road accidents

You have encountered an accident and no professional assistance has been received yet. You can see that there are injured people in the vehicle or more. The first thing you do is call an ambulance and if need be a firefighter!

Second, you need to assess whether you are in danger if you help. If you are threatened, do not expose yourself, as specialist services will get another casualty, and chances are that you will not be able to help. If you have informed the professional services and if you have assessed that you are not personally threatened, follow the other points.

If people are not in danger of being left in the vehicle, leave them there. If there is a danger (possible slipping or ignition of the vehicle or worsening of the injury), try to get the injured out of the vehicle. After that, hold them or lay them down and MAKE SURE to warm them up.

As a layman you can most often distinguish the seriously injured and the injured. Carefully place unconscious people in the lateral position. Cover open injuries with gauze and bandages from first aid boxes.

Injured persons are not given anything to eat or drink because it can be harmful. On the other hand, the word of comfort will greatly help to overcome psychic stress.

All of the above has not only been taught in the first aid course before passing the driving test, but also in elementary school.

Only if you know how to do it, try to stop the bleeding, immobilize the injured limb, or access resuscitation before the emergency medical team arrives. Time is relentlessly flowing and any quality help is welcome.

Photo credit: corepics / Shutterstock

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