How to help yourself in the event of a panic attack

If you get caught in a panic attack, breathe as slowly and deeply as possible. Rapid and shallow breathing worsens the condition. Some experts recommend breathing in a paper bag, but more recently, this handy first-aid method has come under criticism as it lowers oxygen levels and increases carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream.

If you are repeatedly caught by panic attacks, you need to do something of strategic importance. Relaxation in combination with exercise is a good prevention for panic attacks, and relieves distractions even if they have already started. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, transcendental meditation or yoga reduce the risk of further seizures.

Daily physical recreation brings better blood flow to the central nervous system and promotes the secretion of comfort hormones, which work against panic, anxiety and depression.

Read about panic disorder in the professional literature. There are many useful resources on the Internet that talk about this problem.

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