How to hide scratched parts on the mirror

You want to have a nice piece of furniture, and you're not sure how to repair the damage that has happened over time. Depending on what the furniture is about and of course depending on your financial capabilities, miracles are possible.

Money may not be as important as it is important that you have the will and desire to make a change. Let's say you have a piece of an old mirror that contains scratched parts that put you off.

Scratched parts on an old mirror can sometimes add to the old-fashioned charm, but sometimes they are annoying. Minor defects in the reflecting surface of the mirror can be easily masked by placing a piece of aluminum foil.

You can do this by turning the glossy side outwards, or by sticking it to the back of the glass. To attach the foil, glue it to the substrate behind the mirror or to the frame with a piece of adhesive tape. Do not glue the foil to the mirror itself.

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HOW TO Easily Remove Scratches From Glass And Mirrors Using 4 Simple Methods #hacks #lifehacks (November 2020)