How to identify manipulation

Manipulation is actually a behavior that helps manipulators always try to turn things around to their advantage. It does not matter to such persons whether or not such behavior will harm anyone. In fact, manipulators are hard to recognize, and will get you into your game before you even notice. In order to avoid this and to identify the manipulator on time, here are some examples of their behavior.

Manipulators will always help when you ask for their help, and sometimes they already offer themselves before you ask for them. Often manipulators will accept to help you, but after a short while you may notice that they will not deliver on what you promised.

If you let the manipulator know that he is not going to do everything as he said, he will convince you otherwise and convince you to think reasonably. If the manipulative person has agreed to help you, make her deliver on that promise, or else tell her that it means she won't even fulfill that promise. When the manipulator tries to convince you otherwise, show him or her not to experience it and leave the room.

Manipulators make it easy for the people with whom they spend their time to feel guilty, whatever they please. Such people actually rarely talk about their real needs and desires, and shifting blame to others around them actually makes them feel like victims.

Manipulators often play victims and make you do whatever you want them to do. When you do something instead of a manipulator, it will tell you that you didn't need to, and that you weren't expected to.

Manipulators are always worse in life than you are. For example, if your stomach hurts, the manipulator is likely to have some abdominal disease, all just to overpower you. Manipulators are always the worst, and you will easily notice that such persons always want to draw their attention to themselves.

If you blame the manipulator for something, he is capable of turning the whole situation around and blaming you, without any guilt. As much as you are aware that it is wrong, you will need a lot of strength to prove the opposite. But do not bother with such people, because they need help, not you, so feel free to go out and trust yourself.

Author: A.Z., Photo: Peter Bernik / Shutterstock

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