How to improve sperm - tips for everyday life

Clothing affects sperm, but not exclusively lingerie but jeans, pants and other garments. Sperm is then influenced by smoking and nutrition, ie self-esteem, and other things to watch out for. We bring a few more tips from everyday life.


The testicles are located outside the body because good and good production requires a certain temperature of 33 to 35 degrees is the ideal temperature for sperm. And since the first contact of the testicle is with the clothes, it has a great effect on the sperm.

It doesn't matter what type of underwear you use - typical boxer shorts or classic tight shorts. If you ask your testicles, they don't care. But they don't care what you wear over your underwear. The tight jeans that tighten up at a strategic location can have a negative effect on your sperm over time.

Smoking and nutrition

Well, you probably assume that smoking can not be good for sperm when it is not good for our whole body. However, sperm quality is affected even by cigarettes smoked by her mother. And that speaks volumes about the impact that smoking has on sperm.

Experts point out that termination can increase the possibility of conception by as much as 30 percent. Sperm quality is also affected by our weight. Obesity is very negative. Nutritionists warn that soy is one of the more harmful foods for our testicles, and numerous studies have proven it.

Be mindful of your intake of vitamins E and C, calcium and omega three acids - they have a positive effect. Good ingredients include Vitamin B6 and B12. Moderate alcohol consumption does not hurt, however, about 40 grams a day (a liter of beer or half a liter of wine) can be negatively affected.


Sports activities have a positive effect on the health of our sperm although the temperature of the testicles increases. But a few hours of training a day has no negative consequences. Problems arise with extreme endurance sports.

Such athletes have problems that usually occur only at an older age - low testosterone levels, increased risk of osteoroporosis and decreased libido - and these factors negatively affect sperm quality.

Anyone who consumes any hormone products should be aware that sperm production will be greatly reduced as the body is convinced that it has enough testosterone. The good news is that after their consumption ceases, the body begins to work again.

Driving a car

If you drive a car for a long time the temperature of your testicles increases. And whether that will negatively affect time production depends on the time factor. It takes two months for the sperm to grow tired from head to tail.

Which means that a few hours of elevated temperature will not adversely affect your sperm. But the problem comes when you make money - like driving a cab or truck. A study conducted at the University of Rome found changes in the ejaculate of people who earn a living by driving.

The negative effect of driving when it comes to heavy industrial machinery is further increased. Experts believe that the reason is the vibration. If you sit or drive all day, give your body a break. And the temperature is also affected by changing the way you sit or drive.


It's getting hot in the sauna. But no research has shown that your sperm are suffering for your enjoyment. If your going to the sauna is limited to a normal stay you have no reason to worry.

Cell phone

Two studies have shown that men have slower sperm if they carry their mobile phones in their pants pockets. But trusting experts is nothing to worry about. At first, rarely when a cellphone can reach your testicles directly, and if it does, it lasts for a short time and does not affect fertility.


The results of a study conducted at New York State University are very fresh and interpreted in different ways by different experts. And that is often wrong. Research has not shown that a laptop has a negative effect on sperm quality. However, the laptop has been proven to greatly increase testicular temperature, especially when used on the legs and lap. Just in case - in most cases, use your laptop on the desk.


Psychic load impedes sperm production. And we can thank that for evolution and the fight for survival. Namely, while our ancestors were walking through wild forests, it was more important to survive than to be extremely fertile.

Because of this, in stressful situations, such as a sudden attack by a wild beast, the body directs all its energy to escape or fight, not to produce sperm. We may no longer have to fight lions, but the modern age has a completely different kind of wild beast.Any pressure and stress, such as that at work, adversely affects our overall health, and so does your sperm.

One study conducted in Hamburg's fertility clinic patients found that men who follow traditional male values, such as dominance, strength and competition, have lower quality sperm. Experts explain that this is a consequence of stress, because in modern times it is difficult to continue to fight for traditional values. The competition is big, and the fights are exhausting.


Sperm will not get better if it is in storage all the time. Therefore, put gas in bed. Experts point out that long abstinence leads to poorer sperm quality. Of course, if you do not currently have a partner to roll around with sheets, you always have masturbation. All for healthy sperm.

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