How to Make Kids Eat Vegetables

Here's a common struggle most moms have to go through every now and then: getting kids to eat vegetables. Most children will shake their heads and snort their noses only at the sight of something green. So how do you implement the idea of ​​vegetables in your diet? Here are some fun and easy ways to get your kids to eat vegetables. Do not be lazy but inform yourself, because it is for the good of your child.

Fun presentation

Kids love fun and colorful food. Slice a few carrot sticks, cucumber slices, small tomatoes, and pepper slices and arrange them all on a plate. You can make your face using circles of cucumber for your eyes, carrot sticks for your eyebrows, tiny tomatoes for your nose and mouth, and with pepper slices to shape your face. Serve with gravy and bread cubes on the side.

Create a routine

Try to serve at least one type of vegetable with every meal your child eats. You can alternate between various salads and cooked or raw vegetables, but always serve at least one with each meal. Your child may not eat them at first, but when they see that vegetables are a standard part of the meal, they may try to eat them.

Set a good example

Show your kids how delicious it is to fill your plate with vegetables.

Get creative

OK, this is a bit tricky, but it works! Most children love spaghetti, so put a few pieces of vegetables (eg broccoli, cauliflower, peppers) in a food cutter and grind them. Add this mixture to the spaghetti sauce to make a very nutritious meal.

But try not to overdo it and put in too many vegetables, as it might change the flavor of the sauce. The trick is to start slowly and gradually increasing the amount of vegetables as your palette of flavors changes.

Vegetable muffins

Add the finely grated carrot, or zucchini to your standard muffin recipe. Banana and carrot muffins are delicious, as well as pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. You can also make pumpkin muffins, or even pumpkin pie. This is a great way to give your kids a delicious treat while getting them to eat a good amount of vegetables.

One Bite Rule

We have a rule in our house. Even if children do not like the appearance of vegetables, they must eat at least one snack. If they don't like it then, they don't have to eat it. This eliminates many of the bickering over eating during the meal, and most of the time, children will like the food after tasting it. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised by how many different foods your kids actually want to eat.

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