How to naturally cool a home

For those who do not have air conditioning as they feel they do not need, the following are tips on how to naturally cool the home and allow it to withstand the hottest times of the year. The first thing to keep in mind is home insulation. Good insulation will not only allow cooling in the summer but will also keep the home warm during the winter.

What does good insulation mean? Everyone who decides to take this step should take care of the door and window sealing and, for example, the mineral wool in the attic.

How to naturally cool a home? To ensure that you will be able to refresh your living space without the help of climate, it is necessary to close doors and windows to prevent moisture and heat from entering.

While air conditioning as well as a ceiling fan allow room cooling regardless of the use of other appliances such as the oven, for those who have opted for natural cooling, they should avoid using heat generating devices until the evening hours. This refers to a dryer, dishwasher and dishwasher.

You should ventilate your home every night by opening windows on the wind blowing side, but also on the opposite side. Doors should be opened between rooms to create drafts. Morning and evening ventilation should be sufficient.

The room can also be cooled by passive shading. Curtains, awnings and blinds have been proven to help keep the home cool and keep it from overheating. Passive shading will help keep the air temperature low during the high-season season when one only thinks about cooling down as soon as possible.

In the daytime, blinds should be rolled up on windows facing south and kept closed. It would be a good idea to put special foils on the windows in order to be able to deflect the sun's rays. What helps are white blinds that can be mounted on windows or placed bamboo blinds on the outside of windows.

Equally good effect will be the trees or shrubs that will provide shade in the southern part of the house. The same effect can be achieved by using climbing plants or lattice bars. The days will be as comfortable as the nights because the temperature will not be so high that they cannot sleep and rest.

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