How to pack for your honeymoon

One of the most important days is now behind you, and now you just need to devote yourself to another important detail, a marriage trip or the popularly said honeymoon. You have chosen your destination so far, the hotel has been booked, tickets have been bought and it remains to pack. For some it is a trifle and for others a nightmare. To get the whole process painless, follow some tips.

When buying a new suitcase, it would be a good idea to choose the ones that are solid and that you believe will not fly apart the first time you travel by plane. The best thing to do is to check in the shop itself and drive it through, so you notice the work of the wheels themselves.

They also need to be firm and stable, because it doesn't matter if you carry or carry your bag like a real gentleman on vacation.

Grab a bag or suitcase and take a good look at the space in front of you. The first thing to do is separate the shoes and put each pair of shoes in separate bags so that the rest of the clothing does not get dirty.

You can arrange your outfits by laying them flat, just like dresses. This ensures you do not get too crowded or at least have a small ironing job when you reach your destination. For a little more space, try all the shirts and t-shirts to roll.

Start packing by putting shoes and pants on the bottom of the bag first. After them, you will add dresses and suits that need to be kept straight. They have rolled up shirts and shirts.

At the very top there are underwear for which special bags are advised, since these are clothes that come in direct contact with the most intimate parts. Put the cosmetics in the special compartments that are in each bag.

When you open the casket you will notice the areas provided for stacking cosmetics. They have a mesh on them, so you don't have to fear the spills or the destruction of perfumes, powders or deodorants.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Rene Jansa / Shutterstock