How to Prepare Lobster |

Lobster is the ultimate delicacy that is a real treat for the palate. If you want to enjoy this seafood delicacy at home, it is good to know how to prepare lobster. In Europe, lobster has the most Atlantic Ocean to Scotland, the Mediterranean Sea and slightly less in the North Sea.

In Europe, only one species lives along the rocky shores of the rocky bottom. It resides most at a depth of 40 meters, has red-yellow legs and tentacles, spiky cephalopods and can be up to 50 cm long.

How to Prepare Lobster |

When preparing, care should be taken to remove the small abdominal sac in the area of ​​the head and the bowel that extends all the way to the tail. A greenish liver that is also located in the head area should not be thrown. It is the liver that is considered a delicacy and can be served as a decoration.

Use a small hammer or a nutcracker to crush the pliers in several places. To be able to cut the lobster in two, place it on the cutting board with the back facing up and cut in the middle from head to tail.

If it is a lobster in armor, it should be prepared in the kitchen before serving. First, the pliers that are broken with a hammer are removed. A small skewer is then taken and the meat removed from the pins.

Cut it lengthwise and remove the gills as well as the abdominal sac and scrape off all the meat from the tail, body and head. The meat you took out should be split. In the end, it is necessary to wash half of the armor and put the meat that was previously removed into them. The dish can be served with eggs and the liver mentioned before.

How to Eat Lobster |

If you want to enjoy one of the best seafood delicacies, you'll need a fork, knife, two-pronged cocktail fork and a nutcracker. First, using a fork to remove meat from the body, head and tail, and to remove meat from the tongs, you have to separate them from the body and crush them with a cruncher in several places.

With a skewer or a cocktail fork, remove the meat on either side of the thin pan located in the middle of both tongs. Use your fingers to peel off the pins so they can eat the meat there.

Not only is it delicious lobster it is healthy too. Did you know seafood helps reduce cholesterol? Unlike shrimp, lobster has a lot less cholesterol and saturated fat. Vitamin B, selenium, iodine are also present, and it is not necessary to emphasize how good iodine is for health.

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