How to prevent back pain

The most important way to prevent low back pain is to maintain their strength and flexibility with daily exercise. It is also important to avoid excessive and clumsy movements that can cause stress and strain.

Take the following precautions to protect your back.

Never carry a heavy bag in one hand or on one shoulder. Rather, split the load into two bags to carry with both hands. Or better yet, carry a backpack (with both shoulders) or move the bag with another belt over the opposite shoulder

When lifting a heavy object, get as close as you can to it, bend your knees and then lift it straightening your knees while keeping your back as straight as possible.

Do not bend your back while holding something heavy - instead, use your feet to rotate your entire body.

Sit with your back straight, with your crosses firmly supported. When driving, lower the seat to increase the angle between the thighs and the torso.

Wear comfortable shoes with sturdy soles that will not force you to walk abnormally. Adjusting the shoes according to the advice of a chiropedist or other orthopedist can reduce back strain.

If you have been working with your computer for a long time, be sure to sit in the correct position. Use the footrest if you cannot keep them flat on the floor.

Never bend when doing chores like weeding. Instead, kneel.

Keep your mattress firm enough to support your back, but not too tight. If it is too soft, you can put a board between the foundation and the mattress.

If stress is one of the causes, try to reduce the sources of stress in your life and use better techniques to overcome stress.

Heat and cold - this form of hydrotherapy improves circulation and helps cure. To relieve pain from stretched muscles or sciatica, use a towel that is dipped in warm water and then squeezed.

Keep a hot towel for two minutes, then replace it with a towel dipped in cold water for one minute. Do this alternately for about 15 minutes. This is especially helpful if the pain is caused by stretched muscles. For pain caused by inflammation, use only a cold towel.

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