How to protect yourself from low temperatures

With the advent of winter, low temperatures occur, which can be particularly dangerous for a certain group of people, and this is mostly thought of as elderly and chronic patients. Not only are they endangered, but all other age groups as well, so it's good to know how to protect yourself from low temperatures.

Although going out to low temperatures is not recommended, it is not possible for those who have to work as well as for children who have to go to school. To protect themselves from adverse external conditions, experts advise layering.

The garment should be made of cotton and the outer layer of impermeable materials. Layering clothing as well as protecting exposed skin with the help of hats, scarves and gloves is also important. The scarf should be wrapped around the neck, but also covered with the mouth to prevent excessive inhalation of cold air.

Shoes should not be forgotten, which means that they should be warm and waterproof, and most importantly they should be flat shoes, while leaving elegant shoes for another time when the weather will be more favorable.

One of the biggest dangers during the winter is frostbite that can occur after a short period of time outdoors. These are changes in the skin or damage caused by low temperatures. The most commonly affected areas are fingers, ears, nose and feet.

The speed of frostbite onset depends on how low the temperature is and how long the person stays outdoors. If there is a change in skin color to a distinct red, loss of sensation and tingling sensation, it is important that you contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Low temperatures present more dangers for each of us, and there are also frostbite besides frostbite. One of the most dangerous conditions during the winter is the ice, after which the possibility of falling, and thus the fracture of a certain part of the body, increases.

Care should be taken when navigating frozen areas while avoiding frozen rivers, streams and lakes.

How can you protect yourself from the cold? During the winter, it is advisable to consume hot drinks and avoid caffeine and alcohol. It would be best to focus your diet on soups and stews. It is important to know how to behave during the coldest time of the year.

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How to protect yourself in dangerous freezing weather (July 2020)