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The first weeks and months with your baby and mother are special. Then a special relationship is created, but some mothers are beginning to struggle with the baby's crying at the beginning and do not know how to respond and alleviate the crying. These are the cramps that affect many babies and it is important to know how to reduce them.

The spasms occur mostly in the evenings, and the symptoms are crying and screaming of the baby without showing any signs of illness. It is a difficult and uncomfortable situation because you feel powerless and do not know how to help your child stop suffering.

Don't worry. This happens with every other baby. Even though your baby's crying disturbs you and you don't know how to help her, you have to get her way. And no worries, in most babies the cramps disappear after 3 months.

It is very important for your baby to balance the rhythm of feeding and sleeping. If the baby eats and cries, it is unnecessary to give her food again. It is unnecessary to give her tea as this will only disturb her digestion.

Try to calm your baby by rhythmic swing. For spasms, the baby is assisted by a clockwise abdominal massage. Don't be nervous, you need to calmly respond to your baby's cry and somehow help her reduce her pain.

There are several ways you can help your baby. Set the baby to lie on his stomach, thus helping him with digestion and reducing cramps. Try putting a baby's warm diaper on your tummy, it will surely fit her.

Fennel tea is also recommended. Consult a pediatrician or ask your pharmacy for advice. For teas it is important to drink a larger amount, because only in larger quantities does it work.

You, as a mother, eat as healthy as you can, do not eat too spicy foods because your baby's digestion and cramps can be affected by your food intake. Buy Breastfeeding Tea, it is advised because of the caraway or fennel ingredient.

In addition to teas, you can combine with spasms or a spoonful of Paracetamol. In these ways you will certainly at least give your baby a little pain relief.

Don't panic at all, because panic does nothing good for you or your baby. The cramps will end anyway and this is a normal occurrence that happens to most babies.

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