How to reduce stress in 8 steps

The most important thing is to try to think of something else, break the chain of thought that produces your stress. Sometimes it's easier to write, read, than to do, but the tips aren't out of the question. If it helps you at least, it means that you have taken a step forward.

Think positive

When you're feeling insecure, maybe before an important presentation or meeting with your boss, try to think of past successes. This will give you the wind you need in the back and make it easier to get into the business ring.

The music is relaxing

Tape, cassette, CD, mp3 with relaxing music are full of stress relief. The music is powerful, whether you want to relax or maybe get inspired, give it a try.


Repeating words that make you more relaxed sometimes has an amazing effect. They don't have to be complicated, just list for example "I'm great", "I'm great" ...

Siberian ginseng

If the words don't really help you, try using Siberian ginseng. Use it three times a day during a stressful period.


Simple, do not respond to stress immediately, delaying it can reduce stress. For example, when the phone rings for a few seconds, count to ten, breathe and then answer. Deliberate pausing can become automatic calming.

Relax your jaw

People when stressed have a habit of clenching their jaws, which makes them even more tense. Try to relax and relax in circular motions. Muscle relaxation reduces stress, checked.

New attitude

Finally, there is a change in attitude. Sometimes it's not all wrong in the people, work and situations that surround you. Sometimes it matters how you react. Try to change the way you think, find new culprits and simply choose a new viewing angle. The stress may be gone.

Top 10 Stress Relief Tips | How to Manage Stress for Health & Calm, Relaxing Music, Mind & Body (May 2022)