How To Save Damaged Hair |

What to do to keep your hair beautiful, healthy and shiny. With the help of a few important tips, anyone can learn how to save damaged hair and make it a wonderful trademark again.

Before you go into researching the best methods to get your hair back in the same way as before, without a trace of numerous aggressive treatments, it is good to know what can affect the appearance and health of your hair.

Chemicals in hair dyes have been shown to be part of the problem and also the most common cause of hair damage. Since it is not realistic to expect that many will give up their hair dyeing, it is necessary to turn to effective methods.

Best Hair Care Tips

In order to be satisfied with your hair health, you need to look for moisturizing conditioners that you will use in combination with nourishing shampoos. There are various types of hair shampoos, and when choosing, one should consider whether the hair is color treated and whether it is more about dry hair or oily hair.

It is not only important how you wash your hair, but also how to dry it. Experts advise to squeeze out excess water after washing and allow it to dry naturally for 10 minutes before deciding to turn on the dryer.

Before washing, it would be good to moisten your hair in cold water, because the lower water temperature will help smooth out the hair cuticles. When you have finished washing it is advisable to rinse the hair with less cold water.

It is enough to apply the shampoo on the scalp while avoiding thorough shampooing of the rest of the hair as many smaller knots could be made which would make it harder to untangle the hair later. Wet hair spreading could cause cracking and scrolling.

When buying a conditioner, shampoo and mask, you should always choose only the best, that is, products that simultaneously restore hair, prevent breakage and firm it.

The cracked tips are a sign that the hair has been exposed to high temperatures too many times. The hairs, when exposed to high temperatures, change over time, resulting in brittle hair that then easily breaks. This is why it is important to protect your hair from heat.

Unfortunately, when the tips pop, there is not much that can be done except to trim the damaged part of the hair. What matters is what is done beforehand so that it does not happen ahead of time. Hair can be protected by avoiding drying with a dryer, while in winter it can be used with only the slightest speed.

Protecting your hair in the summer is also important, so you should not forget about regular care with various moisturizing masks, as well as caps and hats.

In order to be satisfied with the health of short or long hair, one needs to know what is the best hair mask, to have quality accessories, top-notch preparations, including the best hair brush.

Author: S.Š., Photo: Trifonov Igor / Shutterstock