How to Succeed in Marriage

Statistics show that every third marriage falls apart. This does not sound very optimistic if you have just entered the marital waters or plan to do so soon. Divorce no longer happens to just some, it is all around us and can happen to us. How to prevent this and can two people love each other for the rest of their lives?

Talk less

This is not about not having to communicate with your husband, communication is extremely important. But women often talk too much, which can be tiring for a man, so he just shuts off and stops listening to you. While you were there somewhere between traveling home, meeting a friend, and talking to your annoying mother, you said something important, he probably didn't hear any of the above.

Instead of retelling long and wide what you did during the day and who you talked to and what you were talking about, briefly consider what you consider important. If you reduce the amount of information you shed, your sweetheart will soon ask you specific questions and will be interested in the answer, which should be as short and constructive as possible.

Most couples do not know how to communicate. Women expect a man to talk like their best friend, while a man rarely needs to talk. Make your conversations meaningful and constructive. In this way you will gradually learn to pass on important and less important information to one another without arguing about who is listening or not listening. Leave long and complicated conversations for coffee with a friend.


What is crucial to marriage is sex life. If you did not harmonize during the relationship, marriage could be a problem. If one wants more than the other, tensions will grow. Conversation about sex must be open and constructive. You need to exclude emotions when talking about sex. Your partner cannot know what you want just because he loves you.


Perhaps one of the key reasons for dissatisfaction with marriage is the loss of individuality. Being married does not mean that you have to neglect your friends and hobbies you have had so far. Also, if you commit your partner to the house and yourself, he will become outraged and resent you.

It seems so little we need for happiness, and we always miss it. This sentence is well known to all. With these three short items, your marriage has a chance of a great future. You may think this is light, but believe it not. Marriage should be worked on and invested in on a daily basis, not running away from every little thing that does not suit you.

Author: J.S., Photo: Deklofenak / Shutterstock

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