How to Walk a Dog

Before walking the dog, get ready for a walk, and then call the dog. Never be prepared and at the same time telling him to go outside because this will stimulate his arousal, with which he will go out, so it will be difficult to control him. Be calm and transfer such energy to him so that the walk will be peaceful.

When walking, you need to set clear rules to follow! Before the walk itself, the owner should first get ready, when he is ready to come to the front door, take the leash and collar, and then call the dog. Never walk behind a dog to put a leash on it and do not leash a dog that is excited. Only attach the leash to the dog when he is completely calm.

When going for a walk, you first need to leave the apartment, and then the dog. This is the only way you let the dog know who the boss is. When walking the dog, the leash should be relaxed and the dog should walk beside you. It is by no means right for a dog to walk in front of you and pull you. This way the dog thinks he is the boss and is in charge of the walk.

When walking, it is important to be relaxed so your dog can be. Buy a dog a normal walking necklace, the one that goes around the neck, because the whole body necklaces are designed to tow the dog and have no control over it. Use a short leash to have complete control of the dog.

When walking right next to or in front of a dog, it does not mean that you are pushing it! This way the dog's brain simply works, so you need to adapt to it. Walk the walk for the first half hour leading the dog so that he walks past or behind you, and when you decide to do so, take him to a game and run. Of course, never forget to reward your dog for good behavior!

Author: A.Z., Photo: Vitaly Titov & Maria Sidelnikova / Shutterstock

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