How to win a boyfriend

Did you meet friends out there and see a boy you like for a long time? You are not sure how to act because you are afraid of rejecting it, and again you know that delaying it will not result in a favorable outcome for you and your future potential relationship.

Security and confidence are the main word here, because you need them to be able to act without anything that may be holding you back.

What is it that repels boys? First is hygiene. It's good to know that no boyfriend, or even a man, will ever think that there is anything left for you to do besides talking on the disc if you have not had clean hair, beautiful scents, neat nails and fresh breath.

It is good to take care of your appearance as well as hygiene. It is the first item that should be satisfied and you can get started. Guys also don't like girls who are boring, without a sense of humor, characterized as "dead blowers".

Despite the fact that many of them like to take the initiative, most of the guys are reluctant to decide everything and start various topics of conversation and everything else. The girl should also show some courage and simply approach.

The other extreme is too much story. There are girls who do not know how to stop talking, either because of anxiety or simply because they are. This feature can also repel a boyfriend who will make you feel hard and initially uninteresting.

Be yours, but be aware of your flaws again. Work on them if not for someone else's sake.

You finally managed to find the courage and approach the boy you like. Be positive, and when you manage to start a conversation, laugh at his every joke, but be relaxed and don't force laughter. Smile and show how you like his sense of humor.

Let him know in a discreet way that you like, and if you happen to notice that he is not paying enough attention, take the opportunity and withdraw right at the beginning. He just isn't worth it.

Author: S.Š., Photo: auremar / Shutterstock

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