Hum, the smallest city in the world

Humilians among cities, Hum is one of the most interesting places that should definitely be on the list of what to see if you go on an Istria tour. Hum, while often carrying the flattering epithet of the smallest city in the world, is not really.

The point is not that there is a smaller town that would take down this title from Hum, but it is only in the legal definition that Hum does not belong to one of the 127 settlements in our country that carry the status of a city. But this does not mean that being a paper city does not diminish its long history, irresistible charm and magnetic appeal.

The smallest city in the world with its 17 inhabitants, it is located south of Roc and 14 kilometers from Buzet. In the Middle Ages it was referred to as Castrum Cholm. The wing of the city walls was built on the west side, and on the other three sides the town was built on the outer walls of interconnected houses.

In 1562, the city gates were built, and near them is the bell tower of 1552, while the church of Sv. Peter and Paul raised in 1802.

The strongest Glagolitic Center was in this small town. In 1976, the Glagolitic Walk was realized. Many sculptors have marked this small town, where stone sculptures stand today. Famous Croatian sculptor Janez Želimir made picturesque stone features in the open air in eleven locations, seven kilometers long, from 1977 to 1983.

Hum has only two small streets and each tells its own story. To this day, the custom of "picking the mayor on a summer day" is preserved, where votes are cut on a wooden stick, and so the village chief is elected.

Hum is especially interesting for passionate lovers of good local brandy, because it is here that an event is held where producers of the best brandy from the area gather. The herbs that grow around Hum give a special note to these alcoholic beverages. So if you find yourself there, stop by for a chat.

From local specialties you can try - truffle cheese, sausages, truffle fuzes or game gnocchi, homemade sauerkraut with homemade sausages, fritters with asparagus or mushrooms, in addition to premium red or white wines.

Hum has the highest attendance at schools and their students. Hum also has private accommodation, which offers two double rooms with toilet and one apartment. There is also a city post office that works daily for its residents as well as for other guests.

Most often reach Hum by car, from the direction of Rijeka towards the tunnel "Učka" to Roc, where the left turns on the Glagolitic Alley, and when coming from the west, take the road to Buzet and all the way to Roc, where in that case then jumps right.

If one dares to travel by rail, they can do so from Pula, where there is a direct connection, and only part of the way is crossed on foot. The train runs an hour and a half, several times a day.

Hum - The Smallest City in the World by DragoKarlo (May 2022)