Installation of extensions

Do you have thin, weak or short hair and are very dissatisfied with it? It doesn't have to be that way anymore. Ideal for you are hair extensions. Long, thick hair is a dream for almost every woman. But often the lack of money or leisure does not allow us to pay more attention to our hair.

There are several ways to extend the extensions, the safest of which is to place them with buckles or combs. They do not damage the hair and its scalp and there is no danger that it will fall or break. The combs are put on the hair and can stay on it for up to several hours. However, this type of extension is not so solid so after a while it loses its luster and strength. For this very reason, more and more women are increasingly opting to put on more permanent extensions.

In this way the inserts, strands of extensions are connected to the natural hair and scalp. Each separate strand of keratin is applied to the scalp, making the attachment longer, more stable and firmer. This technique of putting on extensions is not at all harmless and it is important to leave it to a specialist. Specifically, the extensions are very sensitive and could be destroyed by the amateur. The danger exists not only for extensions, but also for natural hair, which is already delicate and prone to breakage. Poor placement and bonding could only further damage it.

The setup itself takes two, three hours, and the procedure is not at all painful. All that is needed is concentration and time. Only the density of natural hair depends on the amount of hair strands. For thin and thin hair, it is not necessary to use a large number of inserts. About a hundred will be enough. However, if you have thick, thick hair and very short hair, you will need twice as many strands of artificial hair. The setup will then take longer.

We do not recommend putting extensions on your own at home. This may be a faster and cheaper option, but it is certainly not the smartest. It is always a better solution for such complex procedures to seek the help of a hairdresser.

Author: D.Š Photo: Ivan Sazykin / Shutterstock