Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is one of the three extremely important proteins in the human body. For us, proteins are the building blocks of life, and only the source of the word proteus in meaning first points to the inability to live without these molecules. The word keratin comes from the Greek word meaning horn. It is a fibrous structural protein and is found except in the hair and in the skin and nails.

Keratin appears as a long monomer, that is, a continuous fiber that is simultaneously responsible for the strength and flexibility of the structures in which it is formed. This is not a mineralized compound. If so, our hair would be stiff and rigid. What keratin actually does to our hair. Keratin serves as a defibrillator when you have already given up your hair.

If, as a result of temperature extremes this winter, and jumping from below-zero temperatures where you play the snowman to heated areas with dry air, your hair remains lifeless and dry, this is exactly the treatment you need. Staying in smoky areas, inadequate care, too much hair handling, or the frequent use of irons or figures exhaust the hair, she has no time to recover.

If you look in the mirror and find that your shine is less than healthy, that your tips are cracked and your hair is not moving with equal flow, it is time to visit a hair salon. We are talking about a keratin treatment, sometimes known as Brazilian tanning. This intense curate of hair keratins has quickly invaded the hairdressing world and gained popularity around the world.

The treatment is designed to revitalize dry, brittle and lifeless hair. If you want to breathe a fresh breath of freshness into your hair, you will need to take approximately 2 hours to complete the treatment. Of course the time required varies with the length and density of the hair. Apply a rich keratin preparation to pure partially dry hair. Then it is necessary to thin the hair and fix the keratin fibers inside the hair by ironing at high temperature. For the next few days, you should not wash your hair and iron it a few more times for a lasting result.

The effect of this hair life injection will last from 3 to 9 months, depending on how much you look after it. Salt water and chlorine from the pool could stain the duration of optimal results, so bundle the bun and try not to dampen your hair to extend the duration of full shine on your hair. The prices are not exactly child's play, but if you consider that it is a result that does not disappear after a few weeks like hair dyeing, we cannot say that it is not justified. Therefore, for a nice, shiny and healthy and straight hair straight on your dose of keratin.

Author: L.K., Photo: Trifonov Igor / Shutterstock

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