Kim Verson

Kim Verson is a young, hopeful singer who, with her talent, has proven herself in the competition for Croatia, looking for a star, where she eventually won. It didn't take long to win viewers across Croatia, and now after the competition, he continues to build his singing career. Kim agreed to answer a few questions about herself.

How would you describe yourself and how your style?

I would describe myself as an empathetic, honest, well-intentioned, stubborn and persistent person who lives for music and love. In my spare time I like to read a good book and take a walk in nature as it is a good relaxation for me…

My music style in pop rock is the release. On stage, I like to be free and wacky, and so I dress. I love leather jackets, bracelets, rings, and I always have loose hair at every appearance because that's how I feel most relaxed.

What do you think is most important about a woman?

Everyone has a different taste, and it is best for me to see a natural woman who knows what she wants in life and who will do everything in her refined and quality way as far as she can to fulfill her life wish.

How much time do you have to save yourself for a perfectly ordinary day?

I don't need much. If I go to the store or casual, I usually wear something casual that makes me feel good. I apply a little concealer and blush from the makeup. That's it!

Has the love of music always been present or was you born at one crucial time?

I've been in love with music since I was a kid. I often spent hours in the room singing the sides of a song and that was my main interest. I also attended elementary music school where I played guitar. My first public appearance was at the age of 11, where I also won first place by a jury and audience with the song “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. Since then, various performances and children's festivals have become increasingly popular.

How do you see the balance between trend tracking and personal style?

I have to admit that I only follow the trends when I arrive, and that is a little less frequent lately. I don't like to copy a lot, but I always have some kind of fashion movie in my head that I stick to.

What are the most important qualities that a girl and a woman need to possess in order to achieve her goals?

With positive and quality people who will help us to achieve our goal, it is very important to have a strong will, to be persistent and aware of our qualities, to persist, sometimes to analyze the situation and people well, to focus as much on ourselves and our path.

How are you doing in business?

I am very pleased with how my career is developing and I hope it will remain so. Last week, I presented a new, romantic song "All I Need Now" in collaboration with the phenomenal saxophonist Igor Gerzhin, which is a great pleasure for me. I'm recording new songs, I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and I'm slowly progressing more and more. I plan to do a lot of performances and release a lot of good and quality songs. Time will bring its…

Listen to the song “All I Need Now”:

What do you find inspiration for?

I generally find inspiration in the beauty of nature, psychological and spiritual books that encourage me to think a lot about life's values. I am very interested in topics about energies and past lives. The people I can talk to about it and with whom I have some special connection really fill me up a lot.

Do you have any plans for the future?

I have plenty of plans that I will try to make over time, but I cannot know where the river of life will take me in the future. What I really want to do is succeed in what I love and do, surround myself with positive people who will not pump my energy and be happy with the person I plan to spend the rest of my life with ...

What advice would you give to young girls and what is the best advice you have ever received?

There was a lot of good advice, and one that is always in my mind is to stay on my own at any moment and stick to what I have set out for myself, because it is the right path to success… I would advise every young person the same. leaking.

What is currently playing on your playlist?

I really like to listen to rock of the 70's, 80's and everything that is of good quality… My playlist includes Bryan Adams, Joe Cocker, Nazareth, Aerosmith, Scorpions, and from more recent artists Nickelback, James Morrison, Demi Lovato…

Author: S.Š.

Kim Verson - Nevidljivo Blago (May 2022)