Knee Exercises

The best solution to chronic knee pain is to exercise, because by strengthening the leg muscles, the knee can protect itself from injury by taking part of the load on the joints themselves. Regardless of whether the person is suffering from knee pain or simply wants to protect them when performing the exercises, special care should be taken in technique and posture to avoid injury.

Every knee exercise requires bending the knees such as squats, and the knees should never cross the toe line so as not to strain the structure above the knee cup.

Exercise caution is required while practicing aerobic exercise, and high-quality running shoes are required for jogging, which will help to firm the ankle and to avoid hard surfaces such as concrete.

Cyclists should adjust the height of the steering wheel and seats before riding the bicycle so that the body is in the correct position during the ride and to avoid incorrect posture of the spine and incorrect bending of the knee. Learn how to properly adjust your bike seat here.

Before exercise, the muscles must be warmed up by aerobic exercise for 5 minutes as well as by the exercise of the joints. If a person goes into exercise without warming up, it can significantly increase the risk of injury.

Strengthening of leg muscles

A simple exercise that will strengthen the quadriceps is the lifting of the legs, and it is quite easy and safe, which is why beginners can exercise it. It is necessary to lie on your back and bend your right leg at the knee so that your right foot is laid on the ground. The left leg should be stretched and the muscles tightened.

The leg should be lifted from the floor to the height of the right knee and held in that position for 10 seconds and then repeated with the other leg.

Repetition is required 10 times in three batches, and if overtrained it is advised to reduce the number of repetitive exercises. After a while longer exercises may be performed with more frequent repetitions.

Knee pain

Given that some exercises are done incorrectly, this results in more harm than good, especially for people suffering from knee pain. These individuals are therefore advised to step down, deep squat and fully stretch their legs.

When performing any exercise, knee pain is normal, but it can also be a sign of damage to some structures within the knee. At such times it is necessary to stop exercising and seek the help of a physiatrist.

Self-massage of the knee

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