Knit bolero for a casual look

The warmth of the home, the fireplace where the fire crackles and the warm chocolate on the table ... Each of the mentioned pictures gives a nice and comfortable feeling that gives us the necessary security. For some it is only a part of the imagination, while for others it is part of the memories of childhood. You can feel it all over again if you wear knitwear that provides special warmth.

Knitwear has always been a part of fashion and fashion trends and has always been able to cope with changes resulting from top fashion houses. Thanks to its ability to transform and adapt, knitwear has remained an integral part of clothing, women's and men's tailoring.

Today, there is no person who does not have at least one piece of clothing in his wardrobe, whether it be a tunic, dress or boulevard. Each of the mentioned garments makes a classic that never goes out of date. In addition to being able to fit into a classic look, they can also be part of a casual outfit.

The casual bolero for a casual look is a winning combination that will never go wrong. You can combine Bolero with jeans, pants or other material. If you decide on a more serious look, you will combine the bolero with a waistcoat or cotton tunic.

Casual looks allow a little more freedom. Bolero can be paired with more. Tunic, tights, heel boots and knit bolero! A leg-breaking combination that you can apply to more: go to college, school or work. Boots can have a higher or lower heel, it's not that important.

A lightweight cotton waistcoat dress is an excellent base for knit bolero, which will be most pronounced if it is not in the same color as the dress. Black dress allows for more colors, so bolero can come in several shades. Whatever color you choose, you won't go wrong.

Choosing a color depends on you, your current mood and what works best for you. When you find the shade you want, dress up and shine! There are different models of bolera and among the more famous ones are those that bind forward and the classic ones.

Author: S.Š. Photo: SL ADV / Shutterstock

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