Kolocep, an island for full enjoyment of nature

In the far south of Croatia, not far from Dubrovnik, there is a group of islands, each offering something that attracts tourists. Kolocep is an island in the Elaphite Islands, located west of Dubrovnik whose distance is 3 km. West of Kolocep is Lopud, and south of Sv. Andrew. Kolocep is a specific season with over 250 sunny days a year.

This is a place where mild climate prevails, and due to the indented coastline and extremely small surface of the island, the maritime nature and the influence of sea temperature on air temperatures are especially pronounced, with an average monthly daily temperature above 10 degrees in winter and in summer below 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kolocep will delight you for many reasons, and most of all because you can experience complete peace and quiet on this island where there is no city noise, stress and cars. Kolocep is connected to Dubrovnik by more than a dozen regular shipping lines departing from Gruz to Kolocep.

Kolocep consists of two sandy coves where there are two small settlements, Gornje and Donje Celo, connected by a winding promenade. It is interesting to mention the trails and forest paths, where you can enjoy in the great shade the beautiful nature of the island, which is famous for its numerous hidden bays, where there is also the famous Blue Cave, which you can enter by swimming.

As for the economy, we can say that the island lives on tourism, as evidenced by the hotel owned by the non-profit association Island of Knowledge. In addition to tourism, there is neglected olive growing as well as viticulture.

We can say that there are no professional fishermen on the island. These are tourists who are fed up with commercial places with a large number of people and the noise that accompanies them daily.

Kolocep is, if you didn't know, home to historical figures, and we can count two Columbus crew aboard the Santa Maria. Also one of the richest Croatian expatriates in Chile, Pasko Baburica was born and raised in Kolocep, where he embarked on a life-long adventure.

Kolocep is a must see place.

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