Kombucha tea

A mushroom named kombucha is commonly used for healing, and its tea can give energy to a person, refresh and relieve them of various ailments. This fungus is widespread worldwide and its healing properties are widely known. It is also called Chinese, Russian, Indian and Japanese mushrooms.

It is an old natural remedy obtained by the fermentation of Kombucha in tea, and has been used in China for centuries as a potent elixir. It is actually a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast, a solid barbell that lives on the surface of sweetened tea, which is used as a tea beverage after fermentation.

This is a very potent and valuable natural product that is recommended for anyone who wants to preserve their health. Kombucha slowly activates the body's immune and defense systems, which is why it preserves the body's overall condition, health and energy.

Medicinal properties of Kombucha

The medicinal properties of this fungus affect a wide range of organs in the human body. It is most commonly recommended for the prevention of heart disease, PMS relief, menopause and menstrual cramps, gallbladder reduction, help in improving the intestinal microflora and regulation of intestinal activity, treatment of joint inflammation, beneficial effects in the treatment of hemorrhoids and ulcers, refreshing organism and insomnia.

Kombucha can also be used for some aesthetic problems, so this mushroom is good for problems with various pimples and acne.

Kombucha tea

Tea requires 100 g of refined white sugar per liter of water, Kombucha mushroom and 3 filter bags of green tea per liter of water. One larger glass pan, paper handkerchief, 4 liter pot for boiling water and an eraser to close the jar are required.

For starters, 2 liters of tea are cooked, and when the mushroom grows and begins to multiply, it will need more potion. In 2 liters of tea it is necessary to put 3 filter bags of tea and allow to stand for about 15 minutes.

The tea is then strained and 100 grams of white sugar per liter of tea is added before the tea is cooled. The tea should be stirred so that the sugar is completely melted and one teaspoon of sugar should not contain more than 20 grams of sugar.

The tea is then cooled until it is lukewarm and then poured into a glass jar containing the mushroom. The culture fluid must also be added. There must be a live mushroom in the liquid.

Finally, cover it with a cotton cloth and close it with an eraser to protect it from flies and pollutants. The fabric must be porous so that air can circulate and the culture can breathe.

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