A man with banging ears is certainly noticeable. Because of this, he is often uncomfortable, and in sensitive school days he is often the object of mockery of his peers. Fortunately, the limb problem can be solved with a simple surgery.

Klempave ears are really just a cosmetic defect, which does not interfere with hearing or hearing function, but can cause severe emotional consequences since childhood.

Kneeling ears do not bother the child until the age of six, so if we want to solve this problem, it is best to do it at that age. This way, the child will not have kinky ears when he goes to school, so he will avoid teasing that he may be exposed to because of his ears.

There are also adults who want to solve the problem of kinky ears and correct the position of the ear shells.

About 5% of the general population suffers from this deformity. It is thought to be caused by genetics and transmitted with a different expression. In about 60% of persons, deformity is found in families.

The deformation is not always of the same appearance, it can occur in many different shapes, from a barely noticeably increased angle between the ear shell and the skull to the shells almost completely vertically arranged.

In addition to position deformation, shape or symmetry deformation can sometimes be present. The problem of ear deformity is resolved by surgery. Before the procedure, it is necessary for the doctor to alert the patient to the possibilities and realistic expectations, as well as to the need for full cooperation.

Depending on the size of the deformity and the surgical approach, which is increasingly spared today, it will more or less enter the tissue of the cartilage.

In the postoperative period, it is recommended to wear an elastic band all day and night, if recommended, until the swelling and blood swelling have disappeared. The most dangerous complication after surgery is an inflammatory process in the ear cartilage.

The majority of people with kinky ears after surgery are satisfied with their appearance, with a sense of greater confidence and freedom because of the new choice of hairstyle and combing style. Some will be slow to get used to the changed look, and sometimes even then they will not be satisfied, most often if they had wrong expectations.

Author: Tajana, Photo: Rene Jansa / Shutterstock

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