Maintaining red hair

Red hair is one of the more modern colors and is usually very difficult to maintain in order to look as beautiful, nourished and attractive as possible. In order for the red color to be more exuberant and to give it a great shine, it needs a lot of attention.

Women who perceive the red color lightly are often witnessed as the color becomes paler with each wash and many dissatisfactions occur.

That is why you should avoid unprofessional colors, and more use professional ones that are of a much higher quality, richer in reflective particles and longer lasting on the hair.

In most women, the color red starts to fade and turns more orange than red. This orange color is most often affected by weather and impacts such as sunlight or sea salt.

That is why red-haired women should fully commit to hair care. Throughout the year, it is recommended to use shampoos that are intended for colored hair and after shampoo regenerators that make colored red hair more stable, softer and shinier.

It is also recommended once a week to use a hair mask that needs to be moisturized to restore all the moisture needed to the treated hair.

In addition to shampoos, conditioners and masks, natural hair oils also play a part in the care. Regular application of precious oils will give your red hair a youthful shine, softness and appearance, and the number of cracked tips will decrease.

After a while, or months, every colored hair fades, so it would be very good if you used color creams that will definitely restore lost color. These creams include hair dressings that are very similar to masks but have even more vitamins and minerals.

Do not over-expose your red hair to high temperatures and chemical treatments to avoid damaging it and to keep it as healthy as possible. Instead, practice wickers without drying them. It is recommended that you wear thick wickets for about 12 hours for best results and for durable and durable curls.

Author: A.B., Photo: Zoom Team / Shutterstock

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