Makeup for dry skin

Many women have dry skin and they are the most aware of what it means to feel tight every day, have problems with redness, itching, and excessive dryness. It doesn't matter which products you use, so it's good to know which makeup is best for dry skin.

If you have dry skin, you probably have problems with your elastin deficiency, and it is possible that your wrinkles will appear just before you hoped. It is important to know how best to nourish dry skin, whether it is natural or purchased products or if it is a cosmetic.

Makeup is also important and should not be neglected when it comes to it, as it is necessary to select the products that will best suit the dry skin type, in order to be able to highlight all the benefits on the face without having any negative consequences afterwards.

What precedes makeup is the cleansing of the face followed by the cream and then the powder. Before makeup, it is necessary to apply oily cream that will nourish the skin and provide it with sufficient hydration, and after the skin has received enough moisture you can start applying powder. Wait at least ten minutes before applying the substrate to allow the cream to soak.

The best solution for dry skin is lightweight powders that will allow the skin to breathe and will not dry it further. If you wish you can try colored creams instead of powders, you are absolutely sure that you have applied the best foundation on your face. You can try any BB cream that you think fits your skin color and texture.

Powder should be avoided with stone powder as it further dries the skin or applies it only to certain parts of the face. Do not forget about the concealer, which must be liquid. If you want to add blush and this is allowed, but it is best to use a cream blush that will not further dry out the skin and will highlight the facial features nicely.

The most important thing is to clean your face every time before you go for makeup with the right cream. The skin should be protected before applying decorative cosmetics and preserving its health and avoiding the negative effects that can be caused by frequent wearing of makeup that does not suit your face.

Author: S.Š., Photo: Ersler Dmitry / Shutterstock

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