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Today, the whole world is connected, and no matter that some destinations are just a few hours away by car or a few hours by plane, all those destinations have become even closer, thanks to the modern age and all the products that have originated from it.

Among the first are the indispensable applications, especially when you are not in your country but are currently traveling and you need the fastest and easiest solution to find the address you are headed to. The various navigation maps were just the beginning of the story of the future of the fashion society.

Can you imagine what it would look like to be heading to Italy for a small place you've never heard of and yet need to reach a particular street in that city? It is difficult to imagine those times when navigation was still only part of SF films. There are several different versions of maps now, and it all depends on what part of the world you need.

Today's experts couldn't help but wonder how to really stand out in the sea of ​​all these powerful applications that users can dispose of. The answers are different, so it can be price, appearance or quality. The problem is that many choose only the most talked about and most famous apps.

The best example of a mobile application is AdriaGuide. This app allows not only residents but also visitors to Rijeka to get acquainted with all the interesting locations through the mobile device of anyone working on Android or iOS and Garmin or GPS navigation.

The application is available in Italian, English and German in addition to Croatian. It offers over 600 points of interest divided into 9 categories: Gastro, Sightseeing, Events, Fuel, Accommodation, Entertainment, Info, Fuel and Banks.

Today you have a large number of applications available, so about 900,000 are available for Apple, over 1,000,000 for Google, and over 200,000 for Windows. All apps are divided into 20 categories: Android Tools, Productivity, Education, Games, Weather, Health, Travel, Sports & Fitness, Personalization, Communication, Lifestyle, Photography, Entertainment & Home Applications.

Although there are various applications on the market, some still prefer to use paper cards and use their smartphone only to get the best picture or make a short film.

Why is that so? Probably because many still cannot accept the innovations that will take over all once. Tourists are still safer when they go to the tourist information office on duty than to use an app on their cellphone to get to their desired hotel or apartment faster. This has already begun to change as the benefits of applications are many and they need to be reaped.

Author: S.S., Photo: Brian A Jackson / Shutterstock

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