Massage with anti-cellulite compressions

Recently, popular anti-cellulite massages have also been found madeerotherapy, that is, massage with wooden rollers or braces. Although wooden rollers may be more reminiscent of your grandmother's kitchen, which uses oklagi for the preparation of various pastry delicacies, proved to be the perfect breaking tool cellulite.

What is Made Therapy?

It is a massage technique carved with wooden rollers that has proven to be extremely effective when it comes to every woman's biggest enemy - cellulite. Usually includes massage of the legs, upper arms and abdomen, and is not a foreign thread made face therapy.

The massage looks so massage first it goes with a smooth wooden roller to get the skin accustomed to the massage and then followed by a massage with a peeling roller which promotes blood circulation. In the end, the treatment is performed carved rollers which help to reach deeper parts of the skin. Apart from wooden rollers, they often do they also use wooden bowls, carved and plain, and they help to remove the orange peel in an even more efficient way. With the help of the aforementioned cups one can lift the buttocks or shape any other part of the body.

Maderotherapy first began in Colombia in the 1990s, and over time has spread to almost all European countries. In order to make quality therapy professionally and professionally, it is essential that it is performed by a qualified person so that no bruises or bruises occur. Numerous beauty salons today offer made therapy, and you choose the one that provides the best services.

In addition to helping to get rid of cellulite in a simple, painless and painless way, Madero Therapy has other positive health effects.Helps shape and strengthen muscles and restore tone, improve blood circulation and eliminate all harmful toxins from the body.

The results can be seen very quickly, and most quickly in slightly fuller individuals, with the difference seen after one to two treatments. But to get good results and reduce cellulite, ten treatments are required.

Massage with wooden rollers is recommended for everyone, but they should Avoid people who have problems with dilated blood vessels and veins.

We all know that cellulite is not only fuller but often thin. To show off your feet on the beach this summer, without the orange peel, arrange for made-of-therapy treatments and feel comfortable in your skin.

Author: M.L., Photo: altafulla / Shutterstock

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