Medicinal properties of pepper

Pepper is an evergreen plant native to Asia and grows in the form of a vine. The most valuable are berries, which are the oldest known spice. This spice has been used around the world for culinary purposes, but has increasingly begun to be used to treat and prevent many diseases. Do you know what the healing properties of pepper are?

Pepper as medicine

Medicinal properties of pepper They are known to most because they help to heal as well as protect against various diseases. Pepper is rich in essential nutrients and contains vitamins A, C and K, and contains minerals magnesium, manganese, sodium, calcium, potassium and iron. It is a good source of protein and carbohydrates, and essential oils are sesquiterpene, felandrene and caryophyllenic essential oils.

The small grains these plants have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties which is why they are a strong ally in the fight against many health problems.

The benefits of pepper are:

  • stimulating appetite
  • expediting expectoration
  • keeping the liver healthy
  • care for kidney health
  • suppression of symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism
  • acting like an aphrodisiac
  • stimulating circulation
  • lowering high body temperature
  • alleviation of digestive system problems
  • stimulating the work of the stomach
  • prevention of osteoporosis
  • help with impotence
  • improving memory and concentration

Pepper promotes digestion because the peppercorns contain the alkaloids cavicin and piperine, and they stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and saliva, which benefits digestive health. Also, pepper contributes to the bowel relaxation as well as inhibiting the growth of gaseous bacteria.

Pepper contains vitamins A and C, carotenoids, flavonoids and other antioxidants, which makes it good in cancer prevention as well as other degenerative diseases, as it helps to mitigate the harmful effects of free radicals.

provides protection against viruses and bacteria because it has the characteristics of a natural antibiotic because of the vitamin C found in its system. It is effective against many different types of fungi, bacteria and viruses, and with its action it significantly contributes to the strengthening of immunity and prevention of infection.

Pepper is used for treatment of various respiratory disorders due to its antibacterial properties, which is why it is known as a powerful ally in the fight against coughs and colds.

It is also effective in combating obesity because it speeds up metabolism, helps reduce fat deposits in the abdomen and burns excess calories.

It cleanses the body of toxins because it exhibits diaphoretic and diuretic properties. It promotes urination and sweating which contributes to the elimination of dangerous and unwanted toxins from the body.

It's great because helps with dental health, and in addition to being excellent in toothache, it is equally effective in protecting against caries.

Black pepper helps with inflammatory diseases and rheumatism, and essential oil-based balm is used to treat symptoms associated with rheumatism.

The sooner you decide to include this food in your menu, the sooner you will be satisfied with the beautiful and healthy appearance of the skin. Contributes to calming eczema and cleanses skin from dead cells.

There are many reasons why pepper should be included in the list of foods you will consume on a regular basis.

Author: A.Z., Photo: Dvortygirl / Wikimedia

Using Herbs and Spices to Improve Your Health (November 2020)