Mexican cuisine, rich in color and flavors

Mexican cuisine is one that we can say is not boring and exudes a multitude of colors, flavors, scents and everything else, including their traditional music that you can really relax and imagine as if you were in the middle of Mexico. Aside from the fact that we all know her as colorful, she associates most people with a multitude of spices, which is why she is often quite angry so that it may not suit everyone, but it is still a really interesting kitchen.

Origin is said to have originated in the Aztec era, and over time has only been complemented by European and North American influences to become what it is today, one of the most popular cuisines around the world.

Enchiladas Mexicanas

Take the chicken you need to cut into strips, season it a little and let the duck soak well into the meat. Then it is best to take a wok, or rather deep pan, where you will add a little oil and fry the chicken for about 20 minutes, and when the chicken is done, take the pepper, which you will also peel and cut into strips and mix with the chicken.

Then add some tomatoes, chilli, pepper and salt to the pot where you are grilling the meat. Wait a few more minutes and finish with a gentle simmer. Once you have finished the mixture, place the tortillas on the pan, preheated and fill with the required mixture. Wait a minute and remove from the pan.

As you may have noticed, this is a type of dish that includes tortillas, and we know there are many. It can be noticed that the whole kitchen revolves around a lot of spices, but also vegetables, which is a mandatory addition to their meat that is served in their kitchen. Whatever you decide you will not miss, and we wish you that; Good apetite!

Author: S.Š. Photo by Shebeko / Shutterstock

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