Micellar face water

Micellar water is another product that is more and more awe-inspiring for women, as well as all those involved in cosmetics and make-up. Until recently, it was used only by professional makeup artists, and today almost everyone swears in it - from make-up bloggers to their first neighbors. But which is exactly micellar water and why is she so praised? If you've seen it in one of the drugstores, you must have noticed that it's not cheap, so it's no wonder you want to make sure it's worth investing in that praised miracle. It seems to be well worth it ...

The micellar solution is a cleanser for the face, especially effective for removing makeup. This is why it is an irreplaceable product for makeup artists and all those who makeup and make-up. What makes it different from other makeup products are just that micelles, which make facial cleansing faster and less aggressive for facial skin.

Micellar makeup remover water

What sets micellar water apart from other makeup products is its gentleness to the skin, which is derived from the ingredients contained therein. The main ingredients of the solution are water, glycol which dissolves makeup and moisturizes the skin, some of the preservatives and - the most important ingredient - surfecor, a strong makeup solvent.

Surfactants are compounds that normally go into facial cleansers, but they do in micellar water they merge into micelles. Therefore, they are very gentle on the skin without losing the power of dissolving impurities and cleansing the face. Because micelles are great for cleansing fat, because they trap a fat molecule at the center of their structure, they are very effective in clearing excess sebum from the skin.

Ease of use of the micellar solution is its main asset. It can remove all makeup, waterproof and any other. All it takes is Apply the solution to a pad or a lump of cotton wool and then run it over your face. The micelles from the solution will stick dirt and makeup on themselves, as well as grease from the skin, so it doesn't take a lot of rubbing the skin to get rid of it all. This is why micellar water is also great for sensitive skin.

After the makeup is removed, the face does not need to be flushed with water. You do not need to clean it with toner or face cleansing milk. This is precisely why use of micellar water and very economical. It does not waste money on many products, and on the other hand, the liquid itself lasts longer because it does not need to be used much with every use.

Lastly, the answer to the question of whether it pays to use a micellar solution is very positive. Even though the packaging itself costs, in the end, it pays to take it more than three separate facial cleansers, which together are not even as effective as micellar water. In addition, this product is gentle on the skin, does not cause irritation and is additionally hydrating. No wonder it is a favorite among all make-up professionals!

Author: V.B., Photo: dungthuyvunguyen / Pixabay

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