Mistakes in a job interview

Often, we go to a job interview professionally prepared while forgetting other things completely and not thinking that our education may not be enough to get a job. To avoid disappointment that someone else who is less capable than you got the job, we bring you a list of mistakes you should avoid.

Dress as if you were going out

Many girls wanting to look pretty on a job interview overdo it and dress as if they were dating. Too narrow, too heavy and just too much. Dress up for a classy, ​​polite talk without expressing your personal style. Leave it at your leisure.


If you do not like something in the company or with the person who received you for the interview, you should be silent to begin with. It's not up to you to criticize someone who is above you and who you want to get a job from.

Asking for help

Neither mom nor friend should go with you for a job interview. You are not in high school so you need moral support. If you came with someone, have someone waiting for you outside the building where you came from, otherwise you could leave the impression of an insecure person.

Too relaxed attitude

Maybe you like to joke and your superior has a good sense of humor, but leave those things for later when you get the job and when you get accepted. If you joke with someone on his account during the joke, you may resent someone.

Using a cell phone

Turn off or silence your cellphone, and delay any private calls and messages until after the call. You have nothing to check and reply to during a conversation.


Often, the job interview can immediately see which person is favored, Do not let it out of tact. Refrain from dramatizing and expressing resentment until you get home. Maybe someone told you something nasty or was unkind. But crying or yelling will make you an immature person and embarrass yourself. Hold on to emotions and act with dignity.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but mistakes in the job interview often end up so we don't get the job, and that's when we're in trouble. To avoid such a scenario, avoid these mistakes, jot down on every conversation and get the job you want.

Author: J.S., Photo: auremar / Shutterstock

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