Money and wealth make us happy, though

Although it has always been claimed that happiness does not lie in money, an American scientist has proven just the opposite. By research among employed women, she has proven that there is a very strong link between earnings and life satisfaction.

Talya Miron Shatz, a scientist employed at the prestigious Princeton American University, is the author of a new study on the connection between money and happiness in everyday life.

A large survey of women with different monthly earnings found that those with lower incomes were much more dissatisfied in other segments of their lives.

Surprisingly, signs of depression and dissatisfaction have also been shown by some women with high monthly incomes who have had problems in the workplace or who feared dismissal.

"Even if you make $ 100,000 a month, you can be unlucky. Many women fear for a job, work under intense stress, or have problems with colleagues. However, women with low monthly incomes have shown greater levels of dissatisfaction in their lives, ”says Tayla.

Dissatisfaction with monthly earnings can be the cause of depression and anxiety, especially if you can't save money, go on vacation or afford some things you want, according to the study.

Self-Awareness Creates True Wealth | Pursue HAPPINESS Not Money (October 2020)