Nail biting in adults

Whoever gets used to the ugly nail biting habit knows how hard it is to get rid of it. Seeing a person nail biting is not a pretty sight, and besides being unhealthy because there is a lot of bacteria on our hands, we nibble on the nail plate and make ugly skin wounds that are difficult to heal and are painful.

In order for this habit to become a thing of the past, if you get used to it, you can try a few tricks. We bring you a few, and you choose the one that works best for you. You can try the hot pepper trick by greasing your fingers with hot pepper.

In addition to hot peppers to help nail biting, a patch can also help. Every day when you are home, avoid biting by gluing the patch to your nails, which will prevent you from biting the nail.

You can also try dipping your fingers twice in Tea Tree, Olive, Fish or Castor Oil twice a day for 20 minutes. You can also dip your fingers for 5 minutes each day in vinegar or lemon juice.

If you choose angry peppers, keep in mind that you need to be careful not to keep your fingers close to your eyes, and you need to be careful about your children and pets.

Instead of biting your nails, try biting anything else. For example, always have a carrot, or some fruit or vegetable that you like, and nibble on it whenever you need to bite your nails.

Always keep your nails tidy so that they do not accidentally have any irregularities that can lead you to the temptation of biting your nails. Regularly cut, spread and varnish your nails to keep your eyes from bitten. The nicer your nails are, the more sorry you are to destroy them by biting.

If you have damaged skin around your nails, avoid using angry nibbling preparations to avoid further damage to the skin around the nails. In cases like this, you would rather opt for oils that will nourish it.

Author: A.Z., Photo: iMarin / Shutterstock

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