Natural attractions and sights of Kvarner

Clean sea, beautiful beaches and many attractions and facilities suitable for all ages ... All of this offers a magical Kvarner where it is difficult to single out a place or an island that is more attractive. The islands of Kvarner and its entire coastline have their fans who come back to them every year. Cres, Crikvenica, Opatija, Selce, Losinj ... Try to choose.

The clean sea is one of the main assets of Kvarner, as evidenced by the dolphins that live on the islands of Cres and Losinj. Apart from the dolphins that attract many visitors, we should not forget the griffon vulture, whose habitat is on the island of Cres. You already have two strong reasons why you should go the route of Kvarner.

Due to the beautiful dolphins, the Lošinj aquatorium attracts the mystical underwater where an athlete or Apoxyomenos was found. It is a bronze statue with a height of 192 cm. Beside it there are ships from the time of Antiquity.

The island of Cres is special for many reasons, and in addition to the beautiful and magnificent animals, there is also the famous town of Lubenice, which, like a castle or fort, rises at the top of a cliff over 300 meters high.

Vrana Lake is the next location to visit, and it is a freshwater lake located in the middle of the sea where an ornithological reserve is located. The depth of the lake is about 70 meters.

The island of Krk is one of the most popular islands not only in Kvarner but beyond. The guests are particularly interested in the Baska board, which is the first proof of literacy in our region and is therefore a valuable landmark and proof of former times.

During your stay in Kvarner, you should not miss a visit to the wonderful city of Opatija. Every corner of this city has a significant historical trace that witnesses the glorious times of kings and emperors.

Villa Angiolina is one of the landmarks built by a wealthy Italian merchant, Iginio Scarpa. This building marked the beginning of tourism in Kvarner, and today houses the Croatian Museum of Tourism. Slatina Fountain and Helium and Selena are just another reason to head to Opatija.

Have you already chosen your desired location in Kvarner? Whatever you choose will not go wrong because each one has its own charms.

Author: S.Š., Photo: xbrchx / Shutterstock