Natural face scrub

Every skin must be properly cared for in order to be beautiful and healthy. What does the best facial care entail? It refers to the regular use of appropriate creams, tonics, but also undergoing certain treatments that you can do at home.

What are the treatments? This is not a complicated process that requires a huge amount of money but a method that involves using the foods you already have at home. This wonderful treatment that will keep your skin healthy, glowing and soft is an exfoliant.

Exfoliation is necessary because it helps to remove dead skin cells and thus allows it to regenerate throughout the body. But as it is not good to overdo anything, so it would not be good if you exfoliated your skin every day. There is a danger that you will irritate the skin too much and then turn red. Exfoliation should not be done more than twice a week.

The best natural face scrub involves the use of two valuable foods. One of them is olive oil, which you have been able to convince yourself of how many times it is healing. His role is manifold and of great importance, whether it is in the health of man or his appearance.

You can use olive oil for hair and skin. Whatever you use it for, you will not go wrong. Just make sure you have the right home-made olive oil, not some of the blend usually found in the oils you buy in stores.

How to make a natural face scrub? Mix three tablespoons of olive oil and three tablespoons of salt. Blend until you have a compact mixture that should then be applied to your face and left to stand for a few minutes. Then remove the mixture with warm water and soap.

You will notice the results very quickly, but only if you are consistent. However, the best care you can give your skin is that it is made up of natural foods that have nothing harmful.

Author: S.S., Photo: Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock